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                        The Gisèle Freund Photographs of James Joyce

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Joyce and son Giorgio

Joyce and His Son, Giorgio

A family gift: James Joyce was an award-winning tenor--and may have lived a life as singer had he not become a writer. Music figures prominently in his poetry (Chamber Music) and novels. His son, Giorgio, was a baritone.

James Joyce, his grandson Stephen with dog Schiap, Georgio and his wife Helen Fleischmann

And the Dog, Too

The dog, Schiap, is named after the Parisian fashion designer, Elsa Schiaparelli, who gave the dog to the Joyces. 

The look on Joyce's face is one of defeat. He had asked that Nora join the entire family for the picture, but she resolutely said no, saying, "I'm nobody."

Freund captioned this photograph: "Totally defeated, Joyce turned away." 

Pictured: James Joyce, Stephen Joyce, Schiap, Giorgio Joyce, and Helen Fleischmann, Giorgio's partner. [not Nora Barnacle]

Joyce with grandson Stephen - 1938

Joyce and His Grandson

Stephen Joyce, James Joyce's grandson, would later become the executor of the Joyce Estate. 

James Joyce and taxi

James Joyce and Taxi

Freund captured James Joyce as he makes his way around the city. Here, he exits a taxi in Paris. 

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