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                        The Gisèle Freund Photographs of James Joyce

Display Case 3, part 4

James Joyce - corrected proof of work in progress (Finnegan's Wake) - Transition

Corrected Proof

James Joyce was the bane of printers. Usually, when a book was in the "proof" stage, an author would only make urgent and necessary changes. Joyce, however, infamously wrote whole new sections, forcing publishers to break their type and reset the page. 

This image is from the Eugene Jolas collection. 

Jolas and Joyce

Eugene Jolas

Eugene Jolas was a close and ardent friend of Joyce's. He founded transition, a famous Parisian little magazine, in which he would defend Joyce's work. 

Joyce with Sylvia Beach and Adrienne Monnier at Shakespeare and Company

Inside Shakespeare & Co.

Joyce would eventually abandon Sylvia Beach and Adrienne Monnier. Though they had staked their money and reputations on the line to publish Ulysses when no one else would, Joyce asked for his copyright back; when Random House paid him a hefty sum to publish Ulysses in the United States, Beach was left with nothing.

But, these photos are from a warmer time, when "happily, the three of them remembered" their efforts together. 

The photos also mark the last time Joyce ever set foot inside Shakespeare & Co.

James Joyce

James Joyce with Cane

Freund loved photographing Joyce's delicate hands. 

Display Case 3, part 3
Display Case 4: Paris in the 1930s